Branding & UI/UX
Spring 2019

This is the design fiction collaborative project. The process included research into trending technologies to produce a fictional product 6 years into the future. My work in this project includes branding, user experience design, and interface design.

Hone is a brand of artificial intelligence that designs, develops, and retails emotional intelligence electronics. It provides accessible and affordable electronic that better people’s emotional intelligence to improve overall health and well being.

Hone tracks the user’s mood over time using a variety of physical and behavioral touch points. The Hone device contains a heart rate monitor, as well a sensor to measure the conductivity of the user’s skin, thus indicating perspiration levels. Hone reads user vitals and creates AI-generated music to enhance your mood.

Hone measures the user’s activity levels throughout the day. This, in combination with voice analysis technology, and data gathered from social media habits, allows Hone to form a holistic prediction of the user’s emotional state.

The Hone app connects to your Hone device and augments your experience. You can manually change your target mood, set a mood schedule, check your mood stats, see what's playing, and adjust your profile and settings. The stats pages show your mood clock, a pie chart of the time you spend in different moods. The calendar page tracks your overall progress. In settings, you can adjust your Hone's voice by picking gender, speech, language, and accent. You can also change your audio cues, turn off your Hone light, and more. The Hone app has been carefully designed to work seamlessly with your Hone device and bring you closer to emotional intelligence.



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