Space Is Not a Void,
It’s a canvas for human imagination.

Thinking about space, as humans have since they first gazed at the points of light decorating the nighttime sky, triggers the mind to imagine things that cannot be experienced here on Earth. And black holes expand the imagination more dramatically than any other marvel that astronomy has to offer.

There’s a specific kind of enjoyment we get from entertaining the possibility of what happens in black holes. It’s somewhere between the mystery and wonder that comes from looking out at space and asking what if? It’s exhilarating, and the thought that there might be something indescribable and completely unknown in the dark of space captures our imaginations.

master thesis: AR EXHIBITION
Spring 2022

When little information is available to predict an outcome or make a decision, people always feel anxiety and uncertainty. The primary audience for my thesis is people who feel upset and anxious when encountering the unknown and design community. They should care about this topic because when facing lack of predictability and control, curiosity makes mind active instead of passive, and opens up new worlds and possibilities.

My Thesis CURIO explores the connection between design and curiosity. It aims to find ways that design can encourage a desire to explore, experience, discover, and learn when confronted with what is unknown. As a designer, I was interested in this subject because I believe Graphic design can create beautiful and interactive experiences that draw audience in to open their minds. Design can build connectivity between what we can see and know and the unknown.

Curio is an exhibition that utilizes AR to compel audiences to look beyond by using provocatively placed “black holes” — a metaphorical gateway to what they cannot immediately see. In this way, people gather together in the exhibition and have immersive experience. They can walk the journey, view the artworks, think about the possibilities, and communicate with each others in this place.

The purpose of using AR is to trigger interaction, curiosity and surprise. Lead people to discover “what’s inside these big circles” “what’s underneath the unknown” “what are the stories behind them”. In the exhibition, the audience needs to download an app called Artivive to view the AR stories behind each artworks. The artworks each has one leading question and the audience need to find out the answers by themselves. And I believe most of you here have already experienced it.



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