selected work.



Master Thesis
Spring 2022

Curio AR exhibition explores the connection between design and curiosity. It aims to find ways that design can encourage a desire to explore, experience, discover, and learn when confronted with what is unknown.



Branding & UI/UX
Spring 2019

Hone is a brand of artificial intelligence that designs, develops, and retails emotional intelligence electronics. It provides accessible and affordable electronic that better people’s emotional intelligence to improve overall health and well being.



Spring 2021

Melophile is a recurring music festival cruise from Miami to Aruba, offering a new vacation option for those interested in Caribbean travel.


mickey mouse

Website Redesign
Summer 2021

The website is all about mickey mouse, showcasing everything you need to know about Mickey. There are a lot more to talk about him more than what current website has, include his family stories, history, news, and current cartoon.


FUTURE world

Book & Typography
Spring 2021

A typography project related to future. A century from today is hard to envision. But that hasn’t stopped some artists from trying. This project includes book design and branding for the exhibition.


SWAN font

Font Design
Spring 2021

Swan is designed as an elegant serif typeface. It is generated from Bodoni and Didot. Swan is tend to keep the elegant characteristic but want to make the typeface more suitable for viewing as text sizes. It has high contrast and shows elegance, refinement, and dignity.



Spring 2021

Using InDesign, design typographic compositions for “TypoLA: An International design conference.” including Logo, posters, and other applications in conference.



Motion Graphic
Summer 2021

Mr.X is a fun animation video to tell a story with a surprising ending. A young man is always ranked second on the list where Mr.X is top one. And at the end we will get to find out who this mysterious Mr.X is.


Based in Los Angeles, and originally from China, I am a graphic designer with strengths in branding, typography and UI design. When I’m not photosynthesizing in the warm glow of my computer, you can find me re-energizing with my friends. Connecting with others allows me to grow as a designer.

Being surrounded by people is my way of connecting with the world. I believe that it’s important to cultivate meaningful relationships through emotions and ideas. I listen with care, observe with empathy, and create solutions that deliver powerful narratives; which has allowed me to flourish, adapt, and grow as a designer.


Teaching Assistant of Intro to UI class
ArtCenter College of Design
Pasadena, California

Intro to UI class teaching assistant for Tyler Paulson. Assist the professor in posting links to reference material in zoom during slide decks. Marking weekly assignments like the interface shares as completed in DotEd. Answering and triaging technical questions students have in a breakout room

Graphic Designer
Ailend Jewelry
Chengdu, China

Ailend Jewelry is one of the largest Jewelry brands in Southwest China. Worked as a graphic designer in design department. Led UI and UX design to build App and website. Designed posters, banners, and applications. Produced graphics for store, and international meetings with De Beers Company. Participated in advertisement design, and motion design.

Graphic Designer Intern

Sichuan Daily
Chengdu, China

Focused on UI and UX design for the leading Chinese language daily newspaper based in Chengdu. Led the design of the Sichuan Observation App weekly landing pages.


ArtCenter College of Design
Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design 

The Ohio State University 
Bachelor of Science and Arts
in Visual Communication Design


Strong working knowledge of:Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Webflow, Figma, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Acrobat, Keynote, and Google Slides. 

Familiar with:
After Effects, XD, Visual Studio Code, Glyphs, and HTML/CSS. 

Chinese (native)
English (conversational)



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